Good news for small brands, parents opt for quality and value over big names when it comes to baby products!


If you’re looking for a new pram, there are lots of different factors to consider. From the brand your favourite celebrity has opted for and if it matches your changing bag to more practical deliberations such as whether it fits easily in the boot of your car. The perfect pram is a major purchase for most parents-to-be, and you want to make the right decision.

In a world where, increasingly, image is everything, and every baby-related purchase can be seen as a statement of one sort or another – disregarding traditional ‘baby’ colours and opting for bright and busy patterns, embracing advances in technology and going gadget-crazy, or sticking to traditional styles and designs – it’s perhaps surprising that style isn’t high on parents’ priority list when it comes to choosing a pram.

Whether you opt for basic yet functional or a fabulously all-singing, all-dancing model, there’s no escaping the fact that a pram is a big-ticket item. Along with car seats, cots and changing bags, a pram or buggy is likely to be used most days, often for extended periods of time. To make it a good purchase, a pram needs to be safe and comfortable for the baby and easy for the parent to push, steer and collapse, as well as being practical to store and transport.

We asked 500 expectant parents what is most important to them when buying a pram

The top answer amongst our respondents was overall value for money. Given that you’ll be using a pram of some description for your baby from birth right up until they’re able to walk reasonable distances, typically age 3, value for money is definitely an important consideration. Many models of prams come with interchangeable seats so that they can be converted from a lie-flat carrycot for new-born babies into a forward-facing stroller for older babies and toddlers, meaning you can purchase a single pram that will last the entire time you need to use one. Going even further on the value for money front, many parents choose a travel system, which is an all-in-one option, combining car seat, carrycot-style pram and pushchair.

Value for money also encompasses quality. While you may not want to have to replace your pram because your child has outgrown it sooner than expected, you’ll also want to avoid the cost and hassle of getting it repaired or replaced should things go wrong. On an item with so many moving parts which gets a lot of use, there are plenty of potential places for damage. Whether it’s a jammed folding mechanism or locked up wheels, nobody would intentionally choose a pushchair that’s prone to faults.

The price is right

While price is obviously something every consumer will consider when deciding on their future pram, this scored slightly below value for money in the results of our survey, suggesting that parents are prepared to pay out more for something that will last longer, be more reliable and perform better. The numerous payment options offered by retailers makes it easy for people to spread the cost in a way that suits them.

Other parents’ opinions count

Coming second on the list of priorities, reading positive reviews is also important to potential pram purchasers. For such a major purchase, it’s essential to find out what other people think about the make and model pushchair you’re considering. If it looks great on the website or in the showroom, but is impossible to fold up with one hand, or doesn’t fit through a standard doorway, these are things you need to know, and reading honest, unbiased reviews from parents who’ve tried and tested the same model is priceless.

There are plenty of places online where you can read reviews of prams, pushchairs and other baby items before you make the decision to purchase. Many online retailers have product reviews on their sites, or you can check websites such as and more specialist parenting sites. Try to find somewhere that has a lot of reviews for each product – that way you can take a more objective overview, rather than reading about one family who found the pram amazing and another parent that hated it, leaving you none-the-wiser!

Good news for small brands

Surprisingly, the reputation of the brand was considered less important than a number of other factors, according to our survey participants, which is sure to be welcome news for small manufacturers and newcomers to the industry. Smaller companies may not yet have built up as much of a reputation or customer base as the big names in the baby-product market, but as our results show, consumers care more about overall value for money and usability than unquestioningly buying from a well-known brand.

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