Get Organised! Top Pushchair Accessories To Make Your Life Easier


From a full day out and about to a quick pop to the post box, you’ll use your buggy in different ways depending on the purpose of your outing. Whether you’re packing for all eventualities or you simply need the bare essentials, here’s a rundown of some key pram accessories and optional extras to help you out:

Shopping Basket: An under-buggy basket comes as standard on all but the most basic of buggies. Budget strollers may not include a shopping basket to ensure they’re as lightweight as possible, but for your everyday activities you’ll probably want to choose a model that comes with somewhere to stash your bags safely. Unless you’re planning to do a full weekly shop and carry it home in your pushchair, a buggy shopping basket just needs to be big enough for one or two bags. They are available with or without covers, and in various degrees of sturdiness, so choose your pram while bearing this in mind.

Rain Cover: Keep the bad weather out and your child and their pushchair protected with a rain cover. You’ll usually get one of these included when you purchase a new pram, buggy or stroller, but if you’ve lost it or it needs to be replaced, these are easy items to find. You can also get rain covers to protect infants in car seats if you’re using them as part of a travel system. A good rain cover should be quick to fit – especially if you get caught in a downpour unexpectedly – offer good protection against wind and rain from all angles whilst remaining well-ventilated, and provide easy visibility and access to your child.

Buggy Organiser: Perfect for school runs, speedy shopping trips and times when you don’t need a full changing bag, a buggy organiser is a handy little pouch that straps onto the handles of your pushchair. With just enough space for your keys, phone, purse, and a drink or snack, this is a great way of ensuring your essentials are always within easy reach, without having to rummage around. Buggy organisers are usually universal to fit any pram model and attach with Velcro.

Foot Muff or Cosy Toes: If you’re planning on long trips out in the cold, a footmuff that attaches to your pushchair will be essential. Blankets can easier get dropped or tangle around the wheels of your buggy, while coats won’t keep little legs warm in winter. A padded cosy toe will stay securely in place so your child will be protected from the wind and cold.

Clips and Hooks: Pop a couple of handy hooks in your bag and you’ll be prepared for anything! Buggy clips are available in a variety of styles and are designed to help you carry multiple bags without overloading your under-pushchair shopping basket. They’re particularly helpful if your pram has a single bar-style handle. Take care with how much you hang from them though – too much weight on the back of the buggy could cause it to tip when you take your child out.

Sunshade or Parasol: Protect your child from the sun with a sun canopy or parasol which will keep out harmful UV rays without causing the inside of the buggy to overheat. Creating shade is the safest way to keep babies and young children cool, in a way that still allows air to flow freely. There are various sunshade options available to buy, which attach to your pushchair with a simple clip. For more information about keeping your child safe in the summer heat, check out some of our other tips here.

Toy Clips: Keep little ones amused and stop any tears over lost teddies by choosing toys with a clip to keep them secured to the bumper bar or safety harness of your pushchair. If your child’s favourite toy doesn’t come with a clip attached, add a separate toy tie to keep them safe at hand at all times.

At Ickle Bubba, we have a range of accessories available to fit our popular Stomp travel system and Discovery and Aurora strollers. Depending on the package you choose when you purchase a pushchair or travel system, many of our handy accessories are included, but you can also purchase them separately. The Ickle Bubba Accessories range includes Cosytoes, Infant Inlay, Raincover, Car Seat Adapters, Changing Bag, Buggy Organiser, and more.