Midwife Pip: Answering Pregnancy FAQs

As part of our series of pregnancy and parenting emails, Bump, Bubba & Beyond, we’ve collaborated with the brilliant Midwife Pip. Pip is a Midwifery Sister, Speaker, and Publisher – specialising in KGH Hypnobirthing and Antenatal education. She runs the brilliant Midwife_pip account on Instagram as well as hosting the  Midwife Pip podcast and running a variety of pregnancy courses to support new parents.

As part of Bump, Bubba & Beyond, she has created some handy videos to answer those burning FAQs about the pregnancy, birth and even what comes after that. Filled with clear, supportive advice, these videos are sure to help new mums – and dads – find the answers they need to some of those important questions.

Midwife Pip | An introduction…

In this short video, Pip introduces herself and this series of short, informative videos answering some frequently asked questions around pregnancy and giving birth.

Midwife Pip | Tips for Managing Morning Sickness

In this video, Pip turns her eye to that uncomfortable feeling of sickness and nausea that many newly pregnant parents feel. She provides some top tips to help manage the feeling and start to feel more like your normal self.

Midwife Pip | What Happens at My First Midwife Appointment

When you’re just starting out on a pregnancy journey, it’s hard to know what to expect. Thankfully, Pip has provided some insights on that first meeting with your new midwife.

Midwife Pip | Can I Still Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnancy feels like a great time to put your feet up and do nothing, but exercise can be useful for helping you to keep your strength up. Pip discusses this topic and how much exercise to undertake when pregnant.

Midwife Pip | Which Antenatal Classes Would You Recommend

With a range of antenatal classes to choose from, and so much to learn, Pip helps to clarify her thoughts on what you should be researching before your little one arrives, and which courses she thinks are most useful.

Midwife Pip | What Can I Do to Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy

This feels like the ultimate question for most expectant parents – above everything, you just want to make sure your pregnancy and your journey is as healthy as possible. Pip gives her great advice on how to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy.

Midwife Pip | When Will I Start to Feel My Unborn Baby Move

Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but sometimes it doesn’t seem real until you can finally feel your little one starting to move in there. Pip discusses when you should start to expect these movements and what they should feel like.

Midwife Pip | What Is the Best Position for Sleep While Pregnant

As pregnancy rolls on, comfort becomes one of the big issues. It can be had to get comfortable when pregnant, especially when you’re trying to sleep. Pip discusses the best position for sleep during pregnancy for you and baby.

Midwife Pip | What Can I Do to Ease Constipation During Pregnancy

Pregnancy has many fun side effects and constipation is just one of them. Don’t worry though – it’s very common. Pip can help with some top tips for coping with constipation and finding ways to ease the discomfort.

Midwife Pip | How Do I Prepare My Body for Giving Birth

Another big question many expectant parents have. While your GP, midwife and antenatal classes should help to get you ready, Pip is on hand with her top tips too.

Midwife Pip | What Should I Consider When Writing My Birth Plan

As you get closer to your little one arriving, your thoughts will turn to the birthing plan. But what should you include? What do you need to consider? Thankfully, Pip is here to help with her thoughts on what to think about when writing your birth plan.

Midwife Pip | Tips for Coping with a Newborn Baby

Once baby is here, it doesn’t stop. You’re bound to be full of questions for how to cope with life and a little one – especially in those early few weeks. Pip sheds some light on what to expect after the birth and the best way to look after yourself and your little one.

And that’s it! Hopefully we’ll have more great videos from Midwife Pip in the future. Until then, don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter if you haven’t already. The emails are full of great advice and insights on pregnancy, shopping for baby and everything beyond.

And check out Midwife Pip on Instagram.

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