Ickle Bubba and Sustainability

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Climate change is an incredibly pressing issue. That issue has become even more important in the last few years. With countries, companies and individuals all doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprint and reverse the harmful effects of pollution, it’s important that Ickle Bubba plays its part in becoming more sustainable and responsible.

That’s why we created our Positive Differences initiative – to place greater focus on those issues that are important to us. From sustainability to mental health and charity, we are committed to making changes – some big, some small – to become a more positive force in the world.

As parents, we all understand how important it is to leave a better world for our children, so that’s why we’ve ramped up the work we’re doing to become a carbon positive workforce.

A man in Madagascar plants crops in a muddy field

Ickle Bubba Sustainability | Ecologi

As part of our mission to reduce our carbon output, we’ve partnered with a company called Ecologi. You may have heard of them before, but if not, they are an organisation that helps companies and individuals to create specific eco goals that enable them to offset their carbon emissions. This is done by supporting the planting of more trees and contributing to a range of sustainable causes around the world.

We’ve been working with Ecologi for 12 months now, and in that time we’re proud to say we have helped to plant over 8,500 trees.

Not only that, but our Ecologi contributions have helped to offset our carbon emissions by over 625 tonnes. The projects and causes we have helped contribute to, include:

  • On shore wind energy generation in Taiwan
  • Forest protection in Northern Zimbabwe
  • Peatland restoration and conservation in Indonesia
  • Converting landfill gas into energy in North Turkey
  • Protecting old-growth rainforest in Peru

And much more. To find out what we’re doing, you can follow our work on the Ecologi website.

A series of icons showing Ickle Bubba's work with Ecologi

Icke Bubba Sustainability | How we’re helping

While we are incredibly proud of the work being done through Ecologi, we understand that our responsibility doesn’t stop there. We are committed to evaluating how we operate and finding new ways to bring our customers the same great baby products in a more sustainable way.

Sustainable ways of working

Following the pandemic, we have seen the power of remote working and are embracing that wherever possible. We have introduced hybrid working to all our team to choose where they work and when, helping them to take control of their own carbon footprints. We’ve also committed to avoiding all unnecessary business trips by conducting work online. Where trips can’t be avoided, we will offset these emissions with other activities.

Positive thinking for our people

Becoming a sustainable company doesn’t happen overnight, but we aren’t wasting any time improving the way we do things. We have already begun to implement new processes and approaches to products and packaging to find more sustainable ways to bring our bestselling products to new parents. We’ve tasked our teams to review their processes and procedures to see how we can reduce our carbon footprint.

So far, the work we have done has seen us:

  • Reducing all user guides and instruction manuals by half
  • Introducing re-usable and recyclable zipper bags to packaging
  • Creating 100% plastic-free nursery bundles
  • Consolidating all non-UK parcels and shipments
  • Recycling all sample stock responsibly

We have also begun to create green powered office spaces and are very excited to see how this develops.


Sustainability is a pressing issue, and we all need to contribute to protect our planet. While there is still more to do, we want to be open and transparent about our work, so that you know we’re doing all we can to contribute to a greener way of working. We will continue to update this blog over the year as our activities increase and diversify, but we hope that it gives you some comfort to know your favourite baby brand is doing its bit.