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Like most of life’s little pleasures the best things are free, including your bubba’s need to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. As doting parents, we understand just how much time babies need to sleep. And since slumbertime is fundamental to your newborn’s earliest stages of development, it’s crucial to have the best quality mattress in your nursery set-up. But more importantly, a mattress should be specific to your baby’s bedtime requirements which means choosing the correct size, firmness and features.

Here at Ickle Bubba we’ve compiled a cot mattress guide, to help you add the right addition to your nursery when it comes to shopping for infant bedding...

Mini Cot Bed Vs Cot Bed Sizing

In terms of baby mattress sizing, there are two main dimensions to bear in mind. Depending on the type of cot bed frame you’ve already set up in your nursery, you will either need a mini cot bed mattress at 120 x 60cm (same as standard cot dimensions), or a slighter larger version which we will cover next. But even if you have a room with limited space, there’s no reason to be put off finding the right size as we have options to suit all room dimensions. The second, slightly larger option is the 140 x 70cm version which is a standard cot bed mattress size. This mattress size will last them well into toddlerhood years. Our premium selection of cot bed mattresses can both be converted into a junior-sized bed once they’ve grown a little. Convenience at its best! 

Foam, Sprung or Pocket Sprung: Which Cot Bed Mattress is Right for My Baby?

Infant mattresses come in many shapes, sizes and materials, so it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little inundated by choice. Remember, your baby’s sleep environment should not only be based on comfort and safety, but also on your personal preference as a parent. At Ickle Bubba we stock a huge range of mini cot bed and cot bed mattresses for every budget, and each product has its own benefits to offer your ickle one while they sleep. With foam, sprung and pocket sprung mattresses available, here you can be sure to find the perfect sleep surface, complete with the highest quality materials, features and craftsmanship. 

If you’re looking for a mattress that combines comfort with exceptional value, foam mattresses make an ideal first choice. Perfectly suitable for both a mini cot bed and a standard sized cot bed, our foam mattresses are extremely lightweight yet durable enough to offer your baby plenty of support while they sleep. It’s always advisable to choose an infant mattress that has a washable cover as this will not only keep your mattress cleaner for longer, but will also help preserve the lifespan of your mattress in every aspect. Plus, thanks to their hypoallergenic properties, our nursery-grade foam cot mattresses are 100% breathable to ensure your bubba sleeps safe and sound.

Besides making sure your baby is comfortable and cosy, the most important question to keep in mind when mattress shopping is - does this product have enough support? When it comes to bedding your bubba down for their precious slumber moments, you’ll want to support their delicate head, neck and back as much as possible. You can do this safely by choosing a sprung or pocket sprung mattress. If your goal is to promote a healthy night’s sleep with perfect posture and maximum safety, choose a product that features pocket spring units encased within vented foam.

So if you’re looking to add optimum support along with luxurious levels of comfort to their sleep routine, both of these mattresses are highly suitable for your ickle one’s needs. Again, our pocket sprung and sprung mattresses are available in the 120 x 60cm and 140 x 70cm sizes, meaning that you’ll have the perfect size to accompany their mini cot or standard cot bed. Quilted, water-resistant and with the addition of a machine-washable cover for extra longevity, these are certainly some of the other key qualities to look for when it comes to finding the most reliable infant mattress.

Crème de la crème mattress options: Elegant, Deluxe and Finest

elegant-framed pocket spring 190 inner cover.jpg
Elegant Mattress

In addition to our foam, sprung and pocket spring mattresses, we’re also excited to announce not one but three new additions arriving soon at Ickle Bubba! The first product is our ‘Elegant’ mattress which has a softly knitted sleep surface with exceptional moisture absorbing properties to help maintain a dry and comfortable sleep environment, reducing the possibility of a disturbed night when baby wakes feeling either too hot or too cold and uncomfortable. With a water-resistant Polypropylene base, waterproof inner layer and a breathable moisture-wicking top panel, our ‘Elegant’ mattress offers a comfortable sleep surface like no other. 

deluxe -dual pocket spring 190 inner cover.jpg
Deluxe Mattress

If you’re looking for a premium-quality mattress with lots of added features, our new ‘Deluxe’ mattress will not disappoint expectations. Its main feature is a reversible ‘dual core’ design which means one side is firm and ideal for newborns in the lie-flat cot position, and the other side has a softer feel ready for your bubba to gain the most benefits from age 18 months and above. This particular cot bed mattress also includes a two-season cover. This convenient feature means the softly knitted Tencel quilted fabric cover will stay cool during the warmer months and the gentle quilted fabric will keep baby cosy during the colder months. Both fabrics allow for maximum air flow, temperature regulation and of course, enhancing your baby’s comfort levels while they sleep.

finest-dual pocket spring 220 inner cover.jpg
Finest Mattress

We also have the ‘Finest’ mattress coming soon. This superior-quality snooze saviour is our most luxurious mattress yet, designed to complement our wide range of high end cot beds and give you plenty of options to choose from. Like our ‘Deluxe’ mattress, this dual core edition is perfect to ensure your baby’s slumber space is comfortable, snug and at the optimum temperature all year round. As a bonus feature, our ‘Finest’ mattress includes a soft-knit zip-off topper which can be easily removed and washed at 40 degrees for added convenience.

Cot Bed Bundles for Your Bundle of Joy

Hopefully this cot mattress guide has given you some helpful pointers, but maybe you're still on the fence about where to find the best cot bed and cot bed mattress for your budget? Not to worry. Many of our stylish cot beds also include the option of a mattress to give you the ultimate 2-in-1 sleep solution, not to mention built-in savings. Discover our bespoke cot and cot bed range...

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