Best Stroller Features To Look For

Looking for the best mode of transport for your Ickle Bubba? Picking out the perfect stroller is certainly a worthwhile investment, so it’s important to choose one that not only fits your child’s needs, but also factors in your budget and lifestyle. Much like choosing the right cot or car seat, you’ll want to feel confident when shopping for your pushchair, especially if you’re new to the everyday joys (and challenges) that parenthood brings. Whether you’re a busy mum always on the move and in need of a lightweight solution to whisk your child to and from nursery, or perhaps you’re a doting dad looking for an easy-to-fold option that allows for smooth strolls through the park? When it comes to baby transportation, the simple yet robust pushchair is hands down one of the most practical items on the parenting market today.

For beginners, it’s worth mentioning that pushchairs include many features, ten of which we explore below…

Compact in Size

When it comes to the size of your stroller, the more compact the better when space is at a premium. For modern parents who like to keep things simple, it’s always advisable to go for baby transport options that are easy to fold and can be packed away into your car boot at a moment’s notice. From short urban bus or train journeys to longer adventures in the comfort of your own vehicle, all of our lightweight pushchairs offer premium quality and are fully portable making them perfect for everyday use, it’s all in the compact folding. The Globe stroller is our most compact model and even fits in an aeroplane's overhead locker.

Ickle Bubba’s most compact pushchair: Globe Stroller Range

Shopping basket included

If there’s one aspect of parenting that’s certain, you’ll need all the storage space you can get for those essential supply runs. And since all of our pushchair models include their own spacious compartments for shopping trips, you’re in luck. So if you prefer to stock up on your daily baby essentials in person as opposed to shopping online, rest assured that each of our pushchairs come equipped with a built-in fabric storage basket – for your peace of mind and convenience factor. Now you can shop and carry all of your bubba’s essential items with the greatest of ease.

Ickle Bubba’s stroller with the best sized shopping basket: Discovery Stroller Range

Easy to Manoeuvre

Suitable from age 6 months up to approximately 4 years, our sophisticated range of Discovery Strollers will allow your baby to travel safely in style, while offering the utmost comfort well into toddlerhood years. What makes our Discovery Strollers extra special is their super lightweight frame and carry handle, so you can quickly condense and fold your pushchair down when on the move. And with lockable front swivel wheels, this feature will offer your baby a smoother travel experience from pavement even onto bumpier terrain. If you’re looking for a failsafe option ideal for both everyday excursions and fun adventures, our Discovery Stroller range comes equipped with enhanced features that make these pushchairs simple to manoeuvre and easy to change direction while out and about.

Ickle Bubba’s pushchair with lockable front wheels for bumpy terrain: Discovery Stroller Range

Reclining Seat and Adjustable Leg Rest

Here at Ickle Bubba, we want your bundle of joy to feel safe and comfortable wherever they are, and this includes while travelling. That’s why we proudly stock pushchairs that will support your baby’s development and ensure maximum comfort levels all year round. Thanks to our handy one-handed reclining feature, all of our pushchairs offer multiple positions so you can easily make adjustments with no fuss. What’s more, your child can enjoy their comfortable journey even more thanks to the built-in leg rest which is not only soft and stylish, but also fully adjustable for your baby to sit up and engage into adventure mode or relax and lie flat when it’s time for a nap. Furthermore when fully reclined and with the seat liner and footmuff in place the Globe Stroller is suitable from birth.

Ickle Bubba’s pushchairs with reclining seat suitable from birth: Globe Stroller Range

Light as Air

For many modern parents, weight often has an impact on whether or not a pushchair is actually suitable for its purpose. With a list of daily errands, appointments and shopping trips to factor in, lifestyle certainly influences the need for a lightweight choice when it comes to your next pushchair purchase. With these things in mind, we’d like to assure you that all of our pushchair models are specifically designed to be as light as possible, ready to make life much easier for you and your bubba. Ranging from just 6.4kg to 7.79kg in weight, you won’t have to worry about carrying any heavy strollers here.

Ickle Bubba’s most lightweight pushchair: Globe Stroller Range

Suspension for Added Comfort

Whenever you and your ickle one are out on your travels, it’s to be expected that you may experience the odd bump in the road. While this is all part of life, there are certainly ways you can ensure your baby’s journey runs as smooth as possible while minimising any shocks that bumpy terrain may cause. Our luxurious selection of pushchairs each include a front and rear suspension which locks perfectly into position with just one click. Designed to absorb shock and cushion your bubba while travelling, you’ll definitely want to go for a pushchair that offers a secure suspension, which all of our models include for your peace of mind, as well as your child’s comfort. 

Easy-to-Carry Shoulder Strap 

If you regularly use buses, trams or trains or planes, it’s important to think about how to carry your stroller once it has been collapsed and folded down. Here at Ickle Bubba, no detail has been overlooked, which is why our Globe Lightweight Stroller pushchair range includes a padded shoulder strap for your added convenience. So whether you’re rushing to catch a bus for the morning nursery run, heading off on a weekend adventure or even travelling internationally on your next vacation, rest assured that you’ll be able to fold, carry and neatly store away your new everyday or holiday stroller with ease every time.

Ickle Bubba’s best pushchair for carrying over your shoulder: Globe Stroller Range

So there you have it, the complete lowdown on which features and functions to look out for when choosing your child’s first stroller. And since you have a lot of choice to contend with, there’s no harm in doing a spot of homework prior to choosing the right stroller for you. All of our practical products are made to offer luxurious style, superior comfort and safety, plus, you’ll always get great value for money here. Whether you’re a frequent flyer, a daily public transport user or you’re simply looking for a travel option that neatly stores away in your car boot; hopefully you’re now feeling well informed and able to select a pushchair that fits your lifestyle and of course – all of your baby’s transport needs. Happy shopping!