Frequently Asked Questions - Product Queries

For information on our range of products, please see our product user guides.

Can the carrycot be used for overnight sleeping?

The Stomp and Moon carrycot are not recommended for overnight sleeping. 

Is there a stand for the carrycot?

No, the carrycot can only be used on the chassis.

Important: Never leave the carrycot on an uneven or raised surface

How long is the warranty period?

The standard warranty on Ickle Bubba products is 2 years from the date of purchase. We offer a free extended warranty of 4 years if you register your warranty online within 28 days of purchase. This warranty is offered in addition to, and does not affect, your statutory rights. Please note this product warranty is currently only valid in the country of purchase.

How can I register my product?

Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase and register your product online here.

Is the seat unit of the Stomp world or parent facing?

It can be both. 

Is the seat unit of the Moon world or parent facing?

It can be both. 

Are the harness features adjustable within your product rage?

Yes to fit your baby safely and securely. 

How many positions does the Stomp handle have?

It has 3 positions to adjust to the users height and preference.

Can the front wheels on the Stomp lock and swivel?

Yes, they can do both. 

What is the age range for the Stomp Travel System?

From birth up to 20kgs (approximately 4 years old)

What is the age range for the Discovery stroller?

It is suitable from birth up to 20kg (approximately 4 years).

Where can I find my production or batch date?

The production date on the Stomp is found on the chassis centre bar, just above the shopping basket on a black and white sticker – this will be a month and a year.
On the Moon it is found on the right hand side of the chassis as if you were standing behind the pram, just above the rear wheel.
On the Discovery stroller this is located on the inner section of the rear frame – right hand side.

Where can I find the dimensions of your products?

Please refer to the product information pages for the weight and dimensions of our products.

Can I use a buggy board with my Stomp?

There are several universal buggy boards which are compatible with our Stomp frames, however any damage caused through the use of a buggy board could affect your warranty.