Positive differences.
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A rapidly
changing world

In such a busy and rapidly changing world, it's important that we all do what we can to make the planet a more sustainable and cared for place. That's why at Ickle Bubba we're committed to making positive differences.

Working with Ecologi find out below what our first three initiatives are to create a carbon positive workforce. 

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1. Growing responsibly

Through Ecologi we will be planting trees in our own company forest to offset our carbon emissions and supporting carbon reduction projects around the world.

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2. Keeping positive

All of our employees will become climate positive through Ickle Bubba's and Ecologi initiative, offsetting their entire carbon footprint.

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3. Reducing travel

These days you can reach the world with the click of a finger, so we're reducing all unnecessary business trips and offsetting all the ones that can't be avoided.

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